miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012

django/6 walls (tradus de tziganasj)

Django/6 walls

It’s the first time when I join a meeting like this and
Don’t really know what to say and what not to
I preasume you will ask me some questions.
If you won’t mind we could talk
I feel the need to tell somebody…
Me, you and six number of walls.

It was a rule there,
I knew when I eat, when
I sleep.
… and blood on my lips
… and my head was full of nothing
… and they’ll try to get me down…
Me , you and six number of walls.

I’ve got all the nuclear weapons under my chest
Like a matchbox,
Your venes are crossed by plains, submarines and tanks
It feels sometimes like you’d have a mashine gun
There and it’s bulletproof
Me, you and six numbers of walls.

Like you’d be as djngo
But even if sun warms my liver inside-out I’ll
Still make three moves to relent.
Death’s only a start and start
Is only a death
Me you and six numbers of walls.

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