luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

axe (inevitable)

an axe was cutting a tree
and that’s how the forrest was gone!
Blame on the axe?
The axe was single ,
The trees-outnumbered;
You may then rather blame that man who owned the axe?
Or maybe the storm for didn’t start at the right time to stop the man with an axe?
The child maybe,for he said he’s hungry to the man who went into the forrest with the axe?
the tree maybe, for it might have had a fullmetal crust?
Or maybe god for he created man too skilled to make himself an axe ?
Finally there’s no point to blame when the child went to war satiated and  died by hunger;
While the man left a single tree to remind him the forrest, then hidden below by the storm and got killed by the lighthing;
And the trees left decay to feed the youngher trees.

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